Wealth Management

Wealth management & investments

Here at Compass, we have an experienced team who have provide expert advice on Investments and wealth management.

We provide advice on new investments, review existing investments and can provide ongoing monitoring of investments.

The key to providing great advice is our structured advice process. During the advice process we discuss your objectives in detail consider your investment timeframe and any future wants needs and desires. We also discuss different types of investments, your views on risk and if you have any bespoke requirements when establishing a mandate.

Our Investment Committee oversees our investment policies, investment strategy, and investment suitability. It reviews portfolio fund performance to ensure the best possible outcome for all our clients. Our committee comprises of five internal members and one external member, this diversity helps to remove single person risk or sentiment bias when deciding on investments.

The committee uses the knowledge, skill, and expertise of its members to help maximise the chances of you achieving your financial objectives, using a robust, repeatable, proven, and documented investment process that makes use of key data provided by exceptional fund research tools from across the industry.

We use the FE Crown Ratings rating agency to assist us with our selection of investment funds. These are quantitative ratings ranging from 1 to 5 designed to help identify funds which have displayed superior performance in terms of stock picking, consistency, and risk control. All of our advised portfolios are constructed by the committee, this ensures consistent advice across all of our advisers.

Part of our Wealth Management service is providing ongoing monitoring and reporting which helps both Trustees and Attorneys demonstrate they are seeking ongoing independent professional advice.

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Whether it’s an updated will or investment planning, we’re proud to have experts in each area of financial advice. We’re looking forward to helping you.