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We recognise that no two clients are the same. That’s why we offer a truly bespoke investment approach to wealth management to maximise the potential for growth across your portfolio.

Exceptional wealth management and investment expertise

We are regularly analysing and re-evaluating the market and future trends, so that we can guide you on the right strategy to maximise returns across your portfolio, whatever the market conditions.

This means that in both market volatility and opportunity, you can pursue your financial investment aims with a greater degree of confidence. To reduce your exposure to risk, we give your portfolio a balanced spread of investments thereby helping to mitigate some of the potential risks.

We have the expertise to guide you through the process of portfolio construction:

  • We have thorough knowledge of global stock markets
  • We are proud of our extensive experience of devising bespoke investment strategies
  • We are passionate about balancing risk and return for your portfolio

The Compass investment committee meets monthly and is capable of identifying quality funds and fund managers; together with sectors, companies and locations that offer potential for growth and income.

How can Compass build my investment portfolio?

A bespoke service requires considerable input from both client and adviser, so first of all, we will work closely with you to discuss the construction of your investment portfolio. Within your individual specifications which may include ethical or environmental, sustainable or governance (ESG) concerns, we will take responsibility for ensuring that your portfolio provides exposure to suitable companies and fund managers as identified by our investment committee.

A well-managed investment portfolio requires more than just picking suitable investments. We will advise you on asset allocation and keep you up to date with specific changes within the market as well as on-going analysis of funds, and we’ll ensure that your investments are kept under regular review, whatever the size and value of your total portfolio.


Investments are designed to be held for a longer term, usually at least five years.

You need to be comfortable with tying up this money for a period of time and should not consider investments unless you have some savings in place. Investments are not always guaranteed to return your money in full, although they do offer the prospect of potentially higher returns than deposit accounts. Returns, risk and volatility are the factors that will determine a suitable place for your money.

Savings and Investment products range from a simple current account to company shares and the element of risk can vary greatly depending on the product you choose.

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